Strengthen Your Relationship with God

worshipRelease Your Cares to the Lord

Do you know that the perfect time to sing for the Lord is when you have a troubled heart? Praising Him despite your worries is a demonstration of faith. Christians love praise and worship because it ignites their faith and replenishes their strength. If you are always getting caught in depression, release your cares to the Lord. Release them to God no matter how small they are. If you have a bad habit you are trying to get off your system, pray for it. If your teenager starts to rebel against you, pray for it. God cares for you. He cares about those small details of your life because He loves you so much.

prayPraise Him Wherever You Are

You don’t really have to be in church to glorify the name of God. He can hear you wherever you are. If the fear and doubts start to crawl over your mind, rebuke them by listening to praise songs. You can be spending a night at dinner cruise Amsterdam when your insecurities start to knock you off your feet. If you find yourself in this situation, call for Him. Never let these self-defeating thoughts last for they are poisons which are going to kill you spiritually. The best way to revive an aching soul is to remind it how blessed it is. Sometimes we tend to look for things we don’t have instead of appreciating the things we already have. Praise him for every blessing.

Have a Devotion Daily

Our body needs food and so is our spirit. Feed your spirit with the word of God daily. Having a devotion keeps us reminded that we are loved, protected, blessed, and highly-favoured. The world can easily make us forget who we are in Christ. Before you start your day, do your devotion and prayers. When you are planning to go out with your family to see the Amsterdam top sightseeing, pray for a safe travel for you and your family. Pray that this trip would instill good memories to your children. Simple prayers in your devotion matters.

Show him how you Love

Love your family from your grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters whom you’ve been with for years. If you can’t even build a good relationship with your own family whom you always seen, then how can you build a good relationship with God where you haven’t seen? There is a good site like Ultimatewebtraffic showing you how to build a good relationship with your family. Love your spouse too, a husband or wife is the person you will spend the rest of your life. Sites like etsy geeks remind us that God has commanded husbands to love their wives before themselves while the wives should respect their own husband. If you want to fortify your relationship with God.