Read the Word Through The Lens of Grace

Denominations argue about the law and grace in the bible. In the old testament, God portrayed an angry ruler who killed thousands of people. Reading the Bible without understanding the context ends up in confusion. Imagine yourself staring at a painting in Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. You wonder what the meaning of the painting is. Staring at it for hours would give you some idea but certainly, you have missed some of the things that the painter is trying to convey.


Law and Grace

Law and grace are two conflicting subjects. Our God is an all-loving Father. The depths of His love knows no bound. But how come He was so stern in the old testament? Why thousands of people died when they missed the mark? Before Jesus, we were doomed to die spiritually, because no one will be able to keep the law. We are like animals destined to be kept in Amsterdam zoo for the rest of our lives but grace came. Jesus came into the picture. In John 1:7 it says, “For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ”. He fulfilled the law for us and bore our sins that we may have eternal life. Without Jesus, we are living in the law. But when we have Jesus, we are living in grace.

Unveiling The Beauty of Graceworship

Jesus Christ tore the curtain from top to bottom. This means that God made a way for us. He tore the veil so that we can be enveloped by His grace and love. He is now not judging us by our righteousness but by our righteousness in Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the debts of our sins once and for all.


Old Testament was written before Christ. It is a picture of how our lives will be like without Jesus. We have to toil day in and day out to buy our righteousness. But because God loves us so much, He gave us Jesus. He fulfilled the law for all of us; therefore, we could all rest His in grace.