Follow Your Calling

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You are not an accident. You have a purpose and a calling to follow. But how would you know, that what you desire is your calling? Not knowing the difference between a calling and an ego, takes you to lonely places you never wish to be in. A choice is a gift from God. Choose with wisdom and not by intellect. Remember that your intellect is limited, but the wisdom that comes from God is infinite.

Pray for Clarity and Wisdom

callingIf you are bothered by questions you can’t find answers to, it’s time for you to pray. Pray for clarity even for simple things like what to do in Amsterdam. God is always there to give you peace of mind. He will guide you in every step you take. If He cares about the little things about you, He surely does care about these life-changing decisions of yours. You don’t have to walk alone.

Look Beyond Yourselfpray

When you look at yourself and you see a person that is weak, timid, and hopeless, look to Jesus. He is within you. If God is fighting for you, who would stand against you? If you think that your dream is too high, look beyond yourself. Off course, we are limited but God is unlimited. You don’t have to settle for cheap night Amsterdam every time. Don’t belittle yourself. Jesus did not just die to give you salvation he also died so, that you can live your life to the fullest.

Take a Leap of Faith

Every successful person you know was once in a point of their life when they don’t know what to do. They took a leap of faith with a hope that everything will work out fine. Sometimes rocket science doesn’t help us in decision-making. Too much thinking just clouds our mind with irrelevant thoughts. What about you? Does fear paralyze you? If you have that go-signal from God, even though it doesn’t make sense at the moment, take a leap of faith. Imagine, wanting, or dreaming of something you wanted for so long, and just thinking of it makes it more impossible to achieve. Web Master Reviews says that taking a leap of faith simply means putting oneself into a position where one does not know if what will be the outcome but would just believe that someday you will be fortunate enough to be in that situation,. We know, it is not that easy but believing in oneself would make a lot of difference. Even if the future is unclear, always remember to put God in everything we do or visit us at Pray and always ask for guidance for every little thing we do. Even if at times we do not ask a thing but let us not forget to give thanks also.