What is the festival about?

Flevo Cultuur is not about religion. This festival is held to unite all believers to come and have fellowship. We highly discourage discrimination. We believe that the love of God unites not divides.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, the festival is an event for families. Just keep in mind that we will hold the festival in an open space so bring an umbrella and extra clothing in case it rains.

What time does the festival usually start?

The festival starts at 5 PM and ends at 10 PM.

Should I invite my non-believer friends?

Definitely yes. God does not discriminate anyone. His love knows no bounds even for non-believers. As long as your friend would love to join, then they are welcome to come.

Do you accept volunteers?

We need volunteers to help us keep the festival organized. If you have a heart for volunteering, kindly send us an email three weeks before the event so we could do a proper orientation. You’ll also get 10 tickets to give out to your families and friends.

How can our band be listed to perform? Is there a qualification?

Kindly reach out to our event coordinator through email. Our event coordinator lists down all the bands and their songs. Once the list is final, the members of Flevo Cultuur will have a vote. Don’t worry if you haven’t chosen, you can still get the chance to play your song next year.