Rejoice in The Lord

Our God Almighty has given us so many blessings to celebrate. We have reasons to raise our hands and rejoice for He made this world for us. Our lives as Christians are made wonderful because we no longer have to walk on our own. In fact, He is carrying us all the way. He has given us everything. Ephesians 1:5 says, “Let us praise God for his glorious grace, for the free gift he gave us in his dear Son!”. Let the heavens open with the sound of our voice praising our God Almighty because his love endures forever.

Come and celebrate with us. We feature great speakers to conduct the sermon and also gather the best Christian songs we could all sing together. Let the grace of God flow in you as you lift up your praise to Him. Flevo Cultuur gathers all believers in one place. It’s the perfect picture of how it’s going to be when we are all in heaven.

Mark Your Calendar

Flevo Cultuur holds the festival each August. The annual festival is the most awaited event of believers in Amsterdam city trip. It only proves that though the world is loud, the believers are louder. When believers gather in one place, there will be signing and dancing for the Lord. So, don’t forget to mark your calendar for this special event. Invite everyone to join and experience the presence of God. This happens only once a year, don’t miss it.

The day may vary every year depending on the weather forecast as we are trying to make sure that the festival will be held on a perfect day. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the date. If you are a first-timer and would like to get more idea what this festival has in store for you, kindly visit our FAQs page.

Breaking Down Divisions


Apostle Paul warned us about the things that divide the church. The whole essence of Christianity is to unite people towards the embrace of God. Flevo Cultuur aims to reunite all believers regardless of denomination to come and enjoy fellowship. Amsterdam holidays are fun when people forget their worries. If people could do that in otherworldly festivals, we are sure that Christians can do better.


Unity makes us stronger, division makes us weaker. Invite everyone even non-believers. When Jesus was doing His ministry on Earth, he never judged any sinner though He was the only one who has the right to do so. Instead, He showed them grace and extraordinary understanding. Those people He touched believed and their lives were transformed not by persecuting them but by showing them, genuine love. Help us break down the divisions in the church. Let’s have fellowship together and celebrate life. If you have concerns you would like to address before attending the festival, feel free to contact us.

Join Us

Flevo Cultuur is a day where you can be with your co-believers in Christ. This is the day where we can forget the worries and rejoice in the Lord for all his goodness.